sales tips


Sales Tips

By Jimmy Petruzzi

There are certain things that are needed to be taken care of, before starting the sales process. Especially, when you are opening up a business, you have to decide that what is your initial advertising budget and how much expertise and business facilities you can afford. Then there is a need to find out that what market or niche you want to serve. Then you have to decide what product or service you will offer and what will be the vision and mission of your business.

It is also very important to have careful observation of market before launching any product or service. Most of the large organizations adopt a flexible organizational hierarchy but smaller organizations only need project managers doing all the work who must know how to work in smaller teams. It is very important to have teams rather than having groups.

Marketing is the core of a business, due to which a business learns to earn in an efficient and effective way. There must be no room for any miscommunication among all the departments or all members of a team. Sales come under marketing and are the main source of earning and backbone for the company or firm. Having a team of efficient sales members is very important to sell products to customers efficiently. There is always a need to give necessary facilities to sales people, which must aid them while selling products or services to the end users. The sales team does the field work so it must always be appreciated and must always be respected. The more efficient the team is, the more are the sales and the more the expenses are covered due to more earnings.

The profitability improves, thus winning the trust of stake holders. If you want to sell more, learn about selling tactics such as promotions, discounts, social media, advertisements and door to door personal selling etc. You must also be aware about product, price, place and promotion. You must also decide about your audience that whether it is verbalizer or visualizer. Ads must focus on AIDA rule (attention, interest, desire and action). Your team members must never show frustration on the customers or even colleagues in front of the customers. Sales skills include a positive focused attitude, fast decision making ability, the habit of creating values for others, the habit of winning the trust of others, creating win win relationships, and the habit of inspiring people. The more star value the sales people gain, the more clients they get.  Gained clients must always be looked after and appreciated, for example when I have worked with certain gyms and health centers, sometimes  their approach is focused on gaining new members, the spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns, in adverse to offering the existing members value added and a good service like writing regular fitness programs, keep the gym clean and tidy, the change rooms clean and tidy, interact with customers and showing congruent customer care, it is equally if not more important to be loyal to existing customers, and ensuring you provide value and a high quality service.