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NLP Centre of Excellence will work with you to ensure your managers of today are equipped to become the leaders of tomorrow. From time management training to advanced management development.  Our leadership training enables individuals and organisations to develop, enhance and retain the necessary skills for a successful and sustainable future

 ILM Level 3  and 5 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Leadership and Management Skills:

ILM Level 3  and 5 Award- Leadership and Management Skills: are designed to develop the leadership and management skills of practicing or aspiring Team Leaders and First Line Managers by providing participants with the team leading, decision making, problem solving and leadership skills to fulfil their role, this qualification maximises their potential and enhances business productivity.

The Award, Certificate and Diploma are nested qualifications which mean that you can progress the breadth of your knowledge at Level 3 from the Award to the Certificate and then to the Diploma without repetition:

  • Awards –concise qualifications covering the basic knowledge and skills in the subject
  • Certificates – for those wanting a more comprehensive programme in their chosen subject
  • Diplomas – for those looking to gain the complete range of skills, knowledge and understanding in their subject

You can choose which level you want to achieve or either work through the levels or complete only the level you require.


NLP Centre of Excellence Training can also develop a bespoke accredited solution for your organisation for more details on this or any of our ILM qualifications

NLP Centre of Excelllence are also registered on the North East England Service Provider Register (NEESPR)

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