Nested Loops Key Points


Nested Loops Key Points



Story expectation

  • Start
  • Middle
  • end


Good way to use:

  • Change state
  • Embedded commands
  • Anchors
  • Light chance
  • Altered state awareness



Taking person one state another state to another:


  • So example doubting
  • Doubtful attitude



A: Doubt your client (whether what you do works) or methods work



B: Middle step rather than take the to the treatment

  • Take them to curiosity by a story, do that be pacing them from a their reality if I had to be you what would I experience- relay the experience
  • Intermediary (ever lapping stories) then story which involves doubt I remember when I first started learning or an experience made me curious
  • Going from state curiosity to state of excitement across to C


C:  Excited possibilities



  • If they remain doubtful difficult to work

Though so not to abrupt ease them into it