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Fast-Track NLP Master Practitioner




Our 9 day ILM-recognised Fast-Track Master NLP Practitioner trainings focus on the business, coaching and sporting applications of NLP.


The course has three main components:


  • Pre-study,
  • The face-to-face training, which is spread over to blocks of four days and an Assessment day,
  • Assessment and certification. This takes place during the course.


The course is specially designed to teach you all you need to know to not only know the material, but know that you know it and to know how to use it! And what’s more. the benefits of the personal breakthrough session in the final module is probably worth more than the whole cost of the course!




Apart from all the overall reasons to train with us,, by doing this course you will:

Train with one of the Worlds best Coaches:

  • learn how to take your existing NLP skills to far higher levels, as well as learning a huge amount of invaluable new material
  • learn how to do NLP work fluently and with ease, having gained a deep understanding of how and why NLP works so effectively
  • have an amazing personal breakthrough session, enabling you to clear limitations that may have previously stopped you from getting the results you want. The personal breakthrough session alone is worth more than the cost of the course
  • learn how to provide the breakthrough experience for others



Why not read the to see what other previous students say about our trainings.

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QUANTUM LINGUISTICS – How to change minds with just a few words

  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  • Deal with personal issues in minutes
  • Change beliefs in minutes, conversationally
  • Use the language of time to make problems disappear.

  • How to gain command and rapport with an audience
  • How to design a training course to suit all participants
  • Learn the secrets of NLP Certified Trainers
METAPROGRAMS & VALUES – key determinants of our personality

  • Elicit and hierarchy Values
  • Discover how to remove Values conflicts
  • Learn why the majority of corporate culture change fails, and how to make it work
  • Learn how to elicit MetaPrograms in around 15 minutes, and the related language of influence
  • Use MetaPrograms and Values to sell more and recruit better
  • Learn how to help clients change MetaPrograms and Values if appropriate

  • How to model excellence in others and then install it in yourself
  • Perform a modelling project to model experts


  • Understand the structure of beliefs
  • Learn simple yet powerful techniques to change beliefs
ADVANCED SUBMODALITIES – The key to Managing Your Mind

  • Create designer Swish Patterns
  • How to make long-lasting change using the brain’s own language

  • Learn how to take a detailed personal history
  • Learn how to do a Personal Breakthrough Session to transform the life of your clients
  • Experience for yourself a Personal Breakthrough Session – a life-changing day

  • Learn the Logical Levels of Therapy process to change undesirable strategies
  • Learn how to elicit and utilise strategies
  • Discover how to change, design and install strategies

  • Refine your existing Time-Line Coaching skills
  • Learn additional Time-Line Coaching techniques including healing aspects and taking a detailed personal history





Prior to the course you will receive your own copy of specially approved learning material. All of this is included in the price. This easy to learn and fun pre-study takes around 30-35 hours, all of which you do before and during  the course at a time to suit YOU!, for example whilst commuting, driving, relaxing or exercising.


During the formal training we touch on some of the theory you will already have learned from the pre-study, and updating you with any recent techniques. You therefore spend much of the classroom time on practical exercises, “actually getting it in the muscle”. The trainers and the coaching assistants will be there to give you feedback and support to heighten your proficiency.


In addition, the Personal Breakthrough session will enable you to integrate your knowledge





We pride ourselves on providing top-quality trainings. The requirements for certification are covered at the start of each course.


We have specially designed the certification process so that you leave the course knowing you’re an excellent Master Practitioner of NLP.


Whilst we will do everything possible to assist you in meeting our required standards, not every student meets our standards. So when you have our certificate, you know you’ve earned it!


If you have any questions about certification standards, just contact us.


NLP Centre of Excellence NLP Master Practitioner Certificates are recognised by the following:


  • ILM
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management is the UK’s largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications. We partner with over 2,000 ILM-approved centres, comprising private training providers, further and higher education colleges, and employers delivering in-house management training.

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Before booking your place (even if you wish to do so on line), please call us. We like to speak with all prospective students to ensure that the course is right for you. This is best practice in the NLP training industry. It also gives you the opportunity to ask us any questions that you may have regarding the course, logistics etc.