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We take the mind set principles of World Class Athletes & apply them to everday situations. They use the edge NLP gives them to go that step further & make the best of themselves. So what is NLP and what can it do for you in your business and personal life?

Sara Lou-Ann Jones

Sara Lou-Ann Jones

Sara is a Expert  in NLP, Hypnotherapy and CBT. She has been trained with most of the well known International Trainers worldwide bringing with her personal experience to back up her practical training. Sara brings a lot of energy and passionate enthusiasm into her teaching style, motivating and inspiring everyone that attends her courses.

Sara has worked with a large variety of clients in Television, Sport and Business and has featured in many magazines and newspaper articles, including the Daily Mirror, The Manchester Evening News and Marie Claire.

Sara is also a Radio Broadcaster with her weekly show the Feel Good Factor every Monday on Salford City Radio 94.4FM and a presenter at major events across the world such as Mind Body Spirit.

Listen to Sara interview a wide variety of guests from business, sport, the arts and personal development on the Feel Good Factor:

Sara on TV discussing NLP:

NLP in Sport

Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy Petruzzi is a world renowned performance coach, NLP Expert. For over 15 years  he has worked and continues to work with many top professional soccer teams and individuals at national and international level in the English premiership and worldwide. He also works with international and Olympic athletes, top professional sports people, and consultant to sports organisations, associations, helping them achieve peak performance in all aspects of their lives. Over the past 15 years Jim has worked with 1000s of people world-wide, and is a sought after and highly regarded speaker for conferences and seminars internationally.

Jimmy is a regular columnist for several leading publications including ‘Peak Performance’, ‘Mens’ Fitness’, and appears regularly on the television news and sports related documentaries, on radio and in the press. He won the Highly Commended Award Coaching International and Domestic work in 2006.

Nominated for Britains top coach 2008
Author of Going for Gold

Jimmy Petruzzi on Radio:

Jimmy Petruzzi on TV
Jimmy Petruzzi video